Dan Webb | Shadows of a Maniac
Australian singer/songwriter, producer and keyboardist Dan Webb. Debut album 'Sandstorm' out now. Official Website features tour dates, lyrics, video and merch.
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Shadows of a Maniac

Appears on: Sandstorm



In the shadows of a maniac
You sow the seeds of doubt
In the shadows of a maniac
It’s worth a shot to get out now
Oh, I’m feeling fine
Oh, I’m feeling fine

You took approach without caution
A forward leap to expected doom
A frantic claim of coercion
A toxic cloud spreading throughout your room
You said your piece without mention
Of anything that you did
The satisfaction’s with me now
I bet you wish you had quit

Oh, I’m feeling fine
Oh, I’m feeling fine

I don’t want your money
Let me go
I don’t want no paycheck
Let me go

© 2012 Dan Webb